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Welcome to QI.

QI stands for Quite Interesting.

We were founded in 2000 on the principle of curiosity. We are now a multimedia entertainment and education company. 


We believe that everything is interesting, if looked at in the right way.


On the QI set, QI regular panellist Alan Davies puzzles over a question as host Sandi Toksvig waits for an answer.

QI, our award-winning flagship BBC TV panel show, combines facts with comedy, and has been on the air for over two decades.

A selection of QI fact books.

We've written over two dozen books filled with fascinating facts. Discover them now, along with merch, mobile games and more.

The four members of No Such Thing As A Fish: James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray, Anna Ptaszynski and Dan Schreiber, pose with microphones.

Our hit fact-filled weekly comedy podcast No Such Thing As A Fish, featuring QI Elves James, Andy, Anna and Dan, has over 400 million listens around the world.

Museum of Curiosity host John Lloyd surrounded by a collage of images, including a pineapple, a tiger, an old cassette tape, the Great Exhibition building, and a mountain

Our radio series The Museum Of Curiosity has spent the last decade filling a vast imaginary museum with interesting objects and ideas.

Presenter Alex Scott and contestants on the set of QITV's quiz show The Tournament

Our production wing, QITV, develops unscripted formats for TV and radio. Learn more about what we create.

We're all born curious. In this video, QI founder John Lloyd explains our philosophy. You can also read a transcript

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