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Our flagship show, QI (Quite Interesting), is a BBC comedy panel quiz with impossible questions and points for being interesting. Each series looks at a different letter of the alphabet.

Panellist Alan Davies with hosts Sandi Toksvig and Stephen Fry
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New series broadcast every Autumn, with regular repeats
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The entire back catalogue available on demand (UK only)

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Countless clips available to enjoy worldwide

QI was first broadcast in 2001, and has been broadcast on the BBC and worldwide for over two decades since.


Each series is based around a letter of the alphabet. Series A to M were hosted by Stephen Fry, after which Sandi Toksvig took the helm for the second half of the alphabet.

Stephen, Sandi and Alan Davies, the regular 'panellist supremo' are joined by three comics to face television's most impossible quiz.

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