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Sports, Thrillers, and the World of the Weird

Riveting reads for everyone, from NO SUCH THING AS A FISH authors

An astonishing collection of our most jaw-dropping, mind-boggling, rib-tickling facts over seven books. Available individually or as a special edition box set.

‘Intriguing, hilarious and downright surprising little nuggets of information’ - Daily Mirror

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Everything you think you know is wrong. An indispensable compendium of popular misconceptions, misunderstandings and common mistakes culled from the hit BBC show, QI.

A collation of answers all the fantastic questions that keep you up at night, inspired by those members of the public curious enough to write in to Zoe Ball and the Why Workshop.

A range of books, apparel, retro-chic audio formats, and guides for the Fish Superfan, plus tickets to live shows. Visit the No Such Thing As A Fish site for the full selection.

Tickets to join the studio audience for QI are free! Apply from them via this link.


Sandi talks to the audience at the QI Studio
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